Pilgrim Journey (English Version)

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  1. We’ve come to worship feat. Therese Galetzka
    T/M: Mads Pedersen
  2. Kyrie feat. Rabih Lahoud
    T: trad./Maik Gosdzinski/Rabih Lahoud, M: Maik Gosdzinski
  3. Gloria feat. Deborah Woodson
    T: trad./Maik Gosdzinski, M: Maik Gosdzinski/Anton Bruckner
  4. All is well feat. Dorrey Lin Lyles, Maik Gosdzinski, Therese Galetzka
    T/M: Al Hobbs
  5. Jesus Christ is Lord feat. Hanjo Gäbler
    T/M: Maik Gosdzinski
  6. God is amazing feat. Dorrey Lin Lyles
    T/M: Dorrey Lin Lyles
  7. On a Pilgrim Journey feat. Lindsay Lewis
    T/M: Joakim Arenius
  8. Rely on you feat. Mads Pedersen
    T/M: Isaac S. Cates
  9. Thank you feat. Chris Lass, Maik Gosdzinski
    T/M: Maik Gosdzinski
  10. Blessing/Segen feat. Rabih Lahoud, Therese Galetzka
    T: Maik Gosdzinski/Rabih Lahoud, M: Maik Gosdzinski

Our dream “Do you have a CD? I would like to take you home with me!” This simple question asked by an old choir professor from Israel was the beginning of a journey. As many other journeys it took us some detours to reach our goal – the CD that you hold in your hands today. This question accompanied Maik Gosdzinski for years. Over time, he started writing songs for his choir Gospel Changes e.V. After some time to think it over and thanks to the encouragement of countless (musician-)friends, he finally was ready to share his music.

Our plan He talked to his choir about the idea of making a CD. But the first attempt failed due to a lack of necessary financial resources. But Maik is not the kind of person that easily throws in the towel. He told his fellow musicians about his dream and before he knew it, the encouragement of his friends turned into “I will help you”.

It was a small mustard seed of hope that Maik planted and that really became a tree that bears fruit today: “Music gives me so much and I always wanted to share this gift. It makes me all the more pleased that I am now able to share my own music.”

Our journey The album was supposed to reflect his story and the story of the choir. That’s the reason why the CD contains Maik’s compositions as well as compositions of musicians who are closely related to the choir. Mads Pedersen and Joakim Arenius wrote songs specifically for this choir, specifically for this CD. Alberto Marsico, Dorrey Lin Lyles, Isaac Cates, Chris Lass, Hanjo Gäbler and Andrew Gouché are other luminaries of the international gospel scene who wanted to contribute to this CD. “Maik is an excellent musician and even more a good friend. That’s why I didn’t have to think when he asked me whether I would like to write a song for his first album”, recalls Mads Pedersen.

Not only the compositions and the vocals mirror Maik’s biography on this album but also the musicians. The perfect saxophonist was quickly found in Frank Nowicky who had performed with Gospel Changes e. V. many times before. His ensemble joined for some songs as well. To achieve even more diversity concerning the arrangement of the songs, Maik reached out to his former instrumental couch. Also André Engelbrecht, Gaston Endmann and Lars Kutschke responded quickly. Lars also brought his band with him. The only thing missing: a bassist. Luckily, “Uncle Gospel” Helmut Jost plays this instrument perfectly. And as he was already there, he brought all his experience to the table and took charge of the choir recordings – in cooperation with Michael Boer, Echolux.

But Maik wouldn’t be Maik if he would just release “another gospel record”. During his work with the Complete Vocal Technique he met the vocal coaches Lindsay Lewis and Rabih Lahoud who considerably shaped his vocals. But especially Rabih Lahoud did not only have a big impact on the vocal technique. Maik was rather fascinated by the music that the Libanese singer made. And so a whole new idea took shape in Maik’s mind:

“Gospel is more than music. Gospel doesn’t know any borders or skin colour. What if we produce an album on which an European choir sings with Arabic influences?”

Our goal No sooner said than done. Maik’s songs Kyrie and Blessing enchants the listener with Arabic verses written and sung by Rabih Lahoud and give the album “Pilgrim Journey” that certain something that you will find nowhere else.

Translation: Marion Friedl